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Daddy Yankee - Gasolina
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DJ Fuse
DJ Fuse
Live DJ Label
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DJ Fuse

Badges - Overzicht

HHE06: Frank's task
HHE04: Let's energize!
US537: A Classic Trophy Treat
US538: Hot Trade Summer with HTF
HHE03: Building a machine
HHE42: The Quest for Time - Gears
HHE43: The Quest for Time - Levers
US535: SwiftieZoe's Pride Paradise
US536: Pride Paradise Maze
HHE02: A new project on the horizon
HHE09: Plasto Bundle
HHE10: Silo Bundle
HHE56: Luminous Discovery
HHE05: Blast to the Past!
HHE01: Help with the exhibition
HHE08: Norja Bundle
US530: twist
US531: mort
HHE13: Steampunk Room Bundle
HHE14: Classic HC Club Bundle
HHE15: Bling-Exec-Steampunk Bundle
HHE36: Rainbow Room Bundle
HHE11: Classic Ice Cafe Bundle
HHE12: Pool Party Bundle
HHE44: The Quest for Time - Springs
HHE45: The Quest for Time - Gauges
HHE46: Silo Collector
GOS25: RM Offer Pants Hat
US528: In your presence I find hope and promise of brighter days
US529: This land is cursed but you are the beginning of my life
US526: Hibiscus Crab
US527: Habbo Botanical Garden
US524: well now I am not doing it
US525: bagged the win
GOS12: RARE Scene Hair
GOS13: RARE Graffiti Arcade Machine
GOS16: Tokyo Offer
GOS17: Executive Offer
GOS18: Posters Offer
US522: Eli vs. TJ in Streetball
US523: Shoot For The Stars!
GOS08: Gallery XIX Bundle
GOS07: Gallery XVIII Bundle
GOS01: Kitten's Habitat Bundle
GOS02: Puppy's Habitat Bundle
GOS03: Piglet's Habitat Bundle
GOS04: Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle
GOS05: Terrier's Habitat Bundle
US520: "Finally, an easy maze!"
US521: "Have you tried holding shift?"
US518: Light is easy to love, show me your darkness.
US519: All beauty has a little tragedy.
GOS24: Graffiti Way of Life
GOS23: Graffiti Life
ES73P: You're the pick of the bunch!
DE93I: Moonlit Mischief
DE91I: Dream big, sparkle more.
DE92I: Stay wild, moon child.
GOS09: Urban Vibe Bundle
GOS06: Gallery XVII Bundle
GOS14: Tokyo Arcade Bundle
GOS10: RARE Techwear Fashion Jacket
GOS11: RARE Graffitied Club Sofa
MIN29: Cosmo's Tethered Star
US517: o.o - Amb May 2024
MIN17: The Crying Robo Easel
MIN11: Teeny-Tiny Hat
MIN14: Magical Laboratory Bundle
US515: Yeehaw
US516: Bunny Bandit
US514: BAW - Secret badge!
GOS19: Freeze Tournament Level I
GOS20: Freeze Tournament Level II
GOS21: Freeze Tournament Level III
US512: Sunflower cow
US513: Sakura bear
MIN16: Habboporu Easel
MIN10: Miniature Grand Castle
MIN07: Santini BonBon Bundle
MIN06: Pastel Bundle
US510: Proving My Capy-bility!
US511: Un-bear-ably cute!
MIN22: The Farm in Colors - Donkey
MIN23: The Farm in Colors - Duck
MIN24: The Farm in Colors - Carrot
MIN18: The Farm in Colors - Chicken
MIN19: The Farm in Colors - Strawberry
MIN20: The Farm in Colors - Ladybird
MIN21: The Farm in Colors - Cow
MIN12: Art Offer 2024
MIN13: Earth Day Offer 2024
MIN15: Starry Sky Easel
MIN05: Jellybean Jungle Bundle
MIN09: Habbozilla Mask
US509: Celebrating 10 Years of HIA!
US508: Passed my B.U.M inspection at HIA!
MIN04: Parade Bundle
MIN08: Miniature Habbo Hotel
MIN03: Riverboat Cruise Bundle - Part Three
MIN02: Riverboat Cruise Bundle - Part Two
MIN01: Riverboat Cruise Bundle - Part One
US506: .Uhu The Frog
US507: Oh Geo!
SUK01: Big Ben
WRD30: Rare Book of Habbo Knowledge II
US503: Piggy Duck - Amb Mar 2024
TC757: HabboQuests Portals
FRH30: I celebrated Bunny Day with Wish Habbo!
TC752: The flowers are really alive out there!
NT267: Bright summer days ahead!
ICM01: Rare Blue Ice Cream Maker
DE86F: BaW Help 101 Summer '24
DE71G: WishHabbo gives me butterflies!
XM1_HHSG: Rasta Santa
UKD: Adventure Story
TRB01: İstiklal Street
STP20: St Patrick's day
RCB02: RARE Emerald Road Barrier
MRG00_HHSG: Friendship Bracelet
LTU: La Trobe University
HUB_HHUK: Hubu-badge
HWB_HHSG: HabboWeen
HS03: Habbo Stars
ACH_RespectGiven5: Nice as pie! V
ACH_RespectGiven6: Nice as pie! VI
ACH_RespectGiven7: Nice as pie! VII
ACH_RespectGiven8: Nice as pie! VIII
ACH_RespectGiven9: Nice as pie! IX
ACH_RespectGiven10: Nice as pie! X
ACH_RespectGiven2: Nice as pie! II
ACH_RespectGiven3: Nice as pie! III
ACH_RespectGiven4: Nice as pie! IV
euv03: 60 seconds of fame winner
euv04:  Eurovision Trivia Hero
neja1: Chosen question
poop1: Horse manure
Z85: Crew Member
cle04: VIP-Marty visit badge
Z76_HHUK: My Precious
Z77: HARD2BEAT Glowstick
Z78: Ice Age Quest Winner
Z70: Realm Dwarf
Z73: Warrior of the Dark Lord
Z67_HHAU: Myth Bunnies
Z67_HHCA: Myth Bunnies Badge
Z67_HHSG: Myth Bunnies
Z67_HHUK: Myth Bunnies Badge
Z68: The Dark Lord's Wraiths
Z69: Realm Elf
Z63_HHCA: Elite Lab Rat
Z63_HHSG: Lab Rat Plus
Z63_HHUK: Valued BETA tester
Z64_HHAU: Beta Lab Rat
Z64_HHCA: Lab Rat
Z64_HHSG: Lab Rat
Z64_HHUK: Official BETA tester
Z65: Charlie's Best Friend
Z58: NATM Larry Daley
Z59: NATM History Quest
Z60: NATM2 Golden Tablet
Z63_HHAU: Beta Lab Rat
Z49: Lego Bionicle Quiz
Z51: Zac Efron Badge
Z56: BuzzBrain of Habbo
Z57: NATM Museum
Z45: HAFTA 2007 NEW
Z46: HAFTAs 2009
Z47: Lego Bionicle quest
Z48: Lego Bionicle Kick Warz
Z39_HHUK: Hotel For Dogs Maze Winner
Z43: Habwrecked 2009 Contestant
Z44: Habwrecked 2009 Champion
Z32: It Does Not Have To Happen
Z33: It Does Not Have To Happen Group page winner
Z35_HHUK: Hotel For Dogs Quest Winner
Z36_HHUK: Hotel For Dogs 1* Resort Owner
Z37_HHUK: Hotel For Dogs 2* Resort Owner
Z38_HHUK: Hotel For Dogs 3* Resort Owner
Z27_HHUK: Road Trip Queen
Z28: Silver Insider
Z29: Blue Insider
Z30: Pumpkin Design
Z24: Igor Jacket
Z26_HHUK: Road Trip King
Z21: Igor Pincer
Z22: Igor Helmet
Z23: Igor Bunsen Burner
Z17: Hairspray Talent
Z18: HPV
Z20: Igor Test tubes
Z13: HBB Runner Up
Z14: Briefcase Affair
Z15: Evil Bot Affair
Z11: HBB Contestant
Z12: HBB Champion
Z05_HHCA: X Memorial
Z05_HHSG: Habbo X Memorial
Z05_HHUK: Habbo X Medal
Z06: Bronze Graffiti
Z07: Gold Graffiti
Z08: Silver Graffiti
Z01_HHCA: Room of the Month
Z01_HHUK: Habbo Model
Z02_HHUK: Help Our Planet
Z03: Stop Pollution
Z04: Save Polar Bears
Z05_HHAU: Habbo X Commemorative
XXX_HHAU: Habbo Experts
XXX_HHUK: Habbo eXpert
YAK: Grey Dragon
YAK_HHUK: Black Dragon
YAP: YAP Ambassador
XMAS1_HHSG: Christmas Bauble 2
XMAS2_HHAU: Bauble Badge
XMAS2_HHCA: Holiday Moments
XMAS2_HHSG: Chrismtas Bauble 3
XMA_HHCA: Happy Snowball
XMA_HHSG: Snow Smiley Badge
XMA_HHUK: Part Snowman
XMB_HHAU: Snowman Badge
XMB_HHCA: Snowman
XMB_HHSG: Snowman Badge
XMC: Quest Tree of 2008
XM7_HHSG: Xmas '07 - Archibald
XM8_HHSG: Xmas - Bob
XM9_HHAU: Snowball
XM9_HHCA: Snowball
XM9_HHSG: Snowball Badge
XM9_HHUK: Arctic Snowballers!
XMAS0_HHCA: Holiday Gamer
XMAS0_HHSG: Christmas Bauble 1
XMAS1_HHCA: Holiday Host
XM3_HHCA: Reindeer
XM3_HHUK: Xmas Reindeer
XM4_HHAU: Christmas Badge
XM4_HHSG: Xmas 2006
XM4_HHUK: Xmas Tree
XM5_HHSG: Xmas '07 - Smilla

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GOS22: $badge_name_GOS15$
HHE07:  De Vintage PC Repareren
HHE06: Frank´s Opdracht
HHE04: Laten we energie opwekken!
HHE03: Een machine bouwen
HHE42: De Quest voor Tijd - Tandwielen
HHE43: De Quest voor Tijd - Hendels
HHE02: Een nieuw project in het verschiet
HHE09: Plasto Bundel
HHE10: Silo Bundel
HHE08: Norja Bundel
HHE56: Luminous Discovery
HHE05: Reis naar het verleden!
HHE01: Help ons met de expositie
HHE13: Steampunk Kamerbundel
HHE14: Klassieke HC Club Bundel

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